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555 7th Street W
St. Paul, MN 55102


Emily Savage, Certified Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement® Practitioner, offers Rolfing Structural Integration Bodywork in St. Paul, Minnesota.  Relieve pain, move freely, and feel more comfortable in your body with this effective form of tissue manipulation and movement education.  Rolfing® SI works to reorganize the connective tissue web, improving the alignment of the body in gravity.



"I found Emily’s work extraordinary, with her awareness of subtleties, attention to detail and ability to coherently explain what she is doing. She often knew better than I did what was going on with my body, and showed the dual skill of increasing my awareness while she worked to rebalance my functioning. What I had expected to be a rather passive but intense experience turned out to be an interactive engagement of body, movement and consciousness. I have significantly less pain, better functioning and an increased awareness of my embodiment on this earth. I am deeply grateful for her work."

-  Karl, age 66, Psychotherapist 

"With my chronic back and knee pain, I did not realize how out of alignment I was until Emily started to work on me. Her experience, her awareness, and her gentle, patient touch helped relieve my pain and achieve true balance in my posture, my gait and, in a way, my mind. She is wise beyond her years. I was very lucky to have found Emily and I am hopeful that I will be able continue down this path of healing with her in the future." 

-  Pierce, age 64, Veterinarian 

“I understand the concept 'listen to your body'.  However, Emily's intuitive sense and knowledge of the body allowed me to go even deeper.  She adds movement with touch to see if the alignment adjustments transferred to one's gait.  She uses all her senses to gather information and through her process, allows one to truly feel the flow of movement connected to the earth.”

-  Kim, age 55

"About 6 years ago, I was struck by a cab while biking downtown. I was not critically injured, but it did leave lasting effects on my alignment and overall well being. Two years after that event (so long, right?! I didn't know any better!) I finally saw a chiropractor because the pain in my neck and shoulders was so great I could hardly focus on anything else. I will say that at the time chiropractic care was what I needed. I went three times a week for a long time, then two, then one, then once a month, then once every three months, and became increasingly frustrated with my regression between visits. I didn't feel like I was advancing with my healing any longer. My chiropractor was the one who actually recommended that I look into Rolfing! I randomly stumbled upon Emily's website, and had to give it a try.  

I was a little tentative on the first visit because of Rolfing's unfair reputation of being super painful and just not really knowing what I was getting into, but Emily's approach left me at ease. Her ability, as I will call it, to communicate with muscles, connective tissue, and bones, is incredible. Instead a just jumping in and cranking on my problem areas, she has approached our sessions focusing on building trust, letting my body know its OK to let go, easing my traumatized muscles of the memory of impact they held onto for so many years.  

In my line of work as a food stylist, I have a lot of groceries to lug, photo sets to bend awkwardly over, and a ton of standing to do. I tend to forget about my body until it yells at me to pay attention to it! Since starting work with Emily, however, I have been made more aware of things to look for in daily life that help me maintain between Rolfing visits, she is a well of knowledge and is always more than willing to suggest things that can be done at home to also contribute to the healing process. I'm so happy I found Rolfing!"

Kari, age 30, Food Stylist

“About 15 years ago someone suggested that I try Rolfing with the disclaimer that it was the most painful thing she has ever experienced – yet quite effective.  Since then I have given it fleeting thoughts but always went back to the pain factor. I have tried massage, physical therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and injections for my achy back.  I have had wonderful massages at Fusion LifeSpa, primarily from Ryan.  She suggested that I look into Rolfing, promising that Emily Rolf’s without pain.  I’ve seen Emily 6 times since then, and really look forward to our sessions. Emily is extremely professional, kind, knowledgeable, and painless.  I’ve been able to turn myself over to her during our sessions with absolute trust.  Following a Rolfing session I feel more loose and free.  I notice changes in my posture.  This postural change has had a lasting effect.  Prior to Rolfing I was a squirmy sitter, always changing the cross of my legs to get comfortable.  Now I feel most comfortable sitting erect with two feet planted on the floor.  

While physical therapists and chiropractors have told me how to correct my posture, Rolfing is teaching my body how to correct my posture.  While hiking a few weeks ago I noticed that my shoulders were tense, which in turn causes me shoulder and neck pain. I was able to let go of my shoulders and continue hiking, using my legs instead of my shoulders. In yoga I have been taught to let go of what I don’t need during postures.  Rolfing is teaching me to let go of what I don’t need throughout my day.

The other day I was making my bed. The sheets and blankets had been askew all night long.  I tried to correct it at the top but it was still a mess, so I worked my way down to the middle of the bed and tried to move the sheets around – still a mess.  Giving up on the quick fix, I went to the bottom of the bed, re-tucked and straightened everything.  Of course the rest was easy once the foot of the bed was corrected.  A light bulb in my head told me this was similar to Rolfing.  We had to start at the bottom to correct what was going on at the top.”

-  Bonnie, age 60, Early Childhood Autism Specialist / Parent Coach  

“My wife told me about Rolfing and suggested Emily. I was not sure what Rolfing was at that time. The experience is like a combination of massage and physical therapy. After the first visit, I signed up for the program of 10 sessions. Emily has an excellent full body plan that activates different parts of the body. The sessions are relaxing and my body feels better after each visit. As a person with a history of back problems, I have not seen a chiropractor since I started Rolfing and my posture is noticeably better. Now I am a huge fan of Rolfing and Emily does an excellent job as a therapist and explaining the Rolfing experience throughout the process.”

-  Mike, age 45, CEO of Phonami, a Cloud Communications Company

“I was a hair stylist for 19 years, which wasn't kind to my neck and shoulder areas. After having triplets 3 years ago I developed back problems as well.  It is hard to describe what exactly happens at each appointment.  I had heard it was painful, which couldn't be further from the truth. I fell asleep during my first appointment with Emily which is something I have never had happen before, and I've had a lot of massages, facials, etc.  I had a back ache going into the appointment.  Emily worked my back but didn't knead the sore spot like a massage therapist would. I was shocked when I stood up, the pain was gone!  Each appointment was different, sometimes Emily would work on a area, other times we did floor work with Emily teaching me different ways of moving.  You can tell Emily really loves Rolfing and is genuine in wanting the best for her clients.  I know that when I would foil a client that my mind would wander at times. Not so with Emily, she is always aware of her client, their comfort level, and needs.  

As far as the Rolfing experience, it has had positive changes I never would have thought about.  I have always been on the clumsy side, unsteady on my feet. It didn't take much for me to trip.  After Rolfing I feel like my feet are firmly on the ground, my grip is much better.  I'm not accidentally knocking things over and I feel taller!  My neck and shoulder area has not bothered me once since Rolfing, my back is so much better too.  Some of the effects were instant and dramatic, like the back pain, others were more subtle, and I can see why they say that 10 sessions are recommended to get the full benefit.  The best part is it seems to be a lasting effect, unlike getting a massage (which would feel awesome) but a few days go by and the aches/pains return. I would recommend to take before and after pictures or even have someone video you walking so you can see the difference! It's amazing!!”

Rebecca, age 40, Mother